On Tour With Counting Crows All Summer!

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Hey everyone. Jimmie here. Just wanted to tell you that we’re going on tour with Counting Crows all summer, and we’re very excited. We’re bringing the full band, and we’re driving in a big van. We’re going to blog as much as we can from the road, but if you’re interested in really following along, I suggest twitter, instagram, and facebook for the full experience (360 degrees). Here’s a list of the tour dates so far. More will be added.

summer tour 2014

The venues are all listed above, on our ever changing tour page. We have new merch items too, which you can pick up at the show, or on our merch tab. Frank Germano did the design for both the poster and the shirt, and I don’t think it could have been done better. See you all in a bit <3

Poster Tshirt