Art, Nashville, and Bardic Knowledge.

i’ve lost my mind. in a good way. how about you?


we’re playing a slew of shows upcoming, including a show in Madison at the High Noon Saloon. we’ve added them to our tour page here.

in other news, we’ll be playing Gen Con in Indianapolis again this year, this time with a six piece band. the one and only Ryley Crowe will be returning with his three brothers, creating one big family band of amazingness. They’re also all very good at games, which helps given the circumstances. We will be playing music and magic and everything in between, and would love to see some friendly gamer faces. Join us in Indy, fellow nerds, from Aug 15th through the 18th for the best 4 days in gaming.


i’m going to spend some paragraphs blabbing. i’ll post pictures from tour too. feel free to tune out if you want.

we’ve been touring around this summer in a slightly different way. rather than driving all over the US, anywhere we can, we’ve been splitting our time: on the road in the midwest, and off the road down in Nashville. we’ve also been emphasizing opportunities to record some of the special songs we’ve been writing. there’s a lot of exciting music on the horizon, and I’m not just saying that – I am, myself, more excited by the music we’re making than ever before. in fact, it’s more exciting to me than Yeezus, which is pretty exciting.


our shows have been changing. since moving, less people have been showing up. and we’ve been playing better. it’s a good feeling. the only people who come out are the ones who actually want to connect, to hear the music, to take part. I see them singing in the crowd and it brings both me and Daniel a lot more satisfaction to know that our tribe is small, but strong. “Final Night” felt very meaningful to write and I think that most of you get what we’re doing. it feels good.


people ask me a lot what I think of Nashville. well, I love it. but I see both sides of the city. one side is very different than me, and it challenges me daily to understand the intentions of the people I allow into my creative process. perhaps it’s the element of intention. of art. on the one side, you have this transient city of folks who made great art in their small hometowns and have come here to show it to the rest of the world, and grow into their full potential. it is very earnest and real. then there is a different culture, one that still draws off the dying constructs of the industrial revolution. And there is a remnant of that edifice, a monolithic top-down approach, that in music is still very profitable. But art is drawn from a different font. Art is saying “here, I made this.” which is very powerful and terrifying at once. It is what I seek to do. I have certainly burned bridges here saying what I believe to be true – that money cannot be the purpose, nor can mass connectivity. I’ll probably burn more.

Frankly, I don’t care. many bridges in this life look beautiful and lead nowhere you want to be. The people who encourage us to be artistic, or share our music with their friends, or care enough to write us and tell us how we’ve connected with them – those people are the people we care about and always will. and the art. pushing our boundaries, tearing down walls, and pulling up from the earth glass and stone that it would stand in place as water locked in time. building something beautiful, saying something real. that’s what I care about.


Luckily, there are a lot of real artists down here in Nashville. it’s not as obvious as the establishment, but it exists in pockets, tribes. we’re lucky enough to be a part of some of those tribes, and I hope that as we continue making art down here, we can shake things up for people. Always further, always faster.


I hope that each of you in your own way are making art. saying something. we live in a completely different world. we’re no longer nuts and bolts, pulleys and counterweights. we’re people. we each get to say what we believe, immediately and for free. let’s say something worth it.


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  1. Jeremy Opahle says:

    Amen Jimmie, Amen.

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