Final Night Release, New Merch Release, Everything Release.

Well well well, what have we here. You’ve likely come to see what’s up, and knowing that I’m quite bad at updating this blog, you’re expecting nothing. GUESS AGAIN BUD.

Here’s our new EP, “Final Night.”

Here’s our new merch associated with the new EP, as well as some new package deals.

Here’s EVERY RECORDING WE’VE EVER RELEASED AS DANIEL AND THE LION, most of it free, for only 2 days. It’s coming down after the 4th of July.

ENJOY, KIDS. and remember – Marhala.

Tshirt CD
Final Night CD
FN Poster
DH SA poster
DH SB poster
Music Package

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2 Responses to Final Night Release, New Merch Release, Everything Release.

  1. Cory T says:

    I’m so freaking proud of you guys. I remember one of my friends told me to listen to your holocene album from like, 2 years ago and I immediately fell in love. I’ve watched all of your videos and plan to buy both of your CD’s and can’t wait until you come to Chicago :)

    Keep on playing, guys!

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