Winter Is Coming…So Stay Inside And Watch These 5 TV Shows.


Well, dang. The Mayans were wrong. What’re you gonna do? Get ready for a cold one, I guess. It looks that in lieu of a fire-and-brimstone apocalyptic December, winter is indeed coming.

Good news is, these days you can simply ignore the cold altogether by staying inside, wrapping yourself in your favorite Packers blanket, and watching billions of hours of the TV episodes available to anyone with an internet connection and a generous friend (thanks for the HBOgo, Vic).

I’ll admit, I like TV more than movies. Feels like the writers left the movie business when it became more about appealing to an international demographic. Have you seen Paranormal Activity? The best stories are on TV, where you can sprawl out over several years and let the characters breathe. And when you spend most of your day writing songs, it’s nice to relax the brain once in a while and just watch some Cylons get their due.

So in celebration of the coming chill, here are Daniel And The Lion’s Top 5 Favorite TV Shows.

We have folded many-a-Tshirts and sewn many-a-flannel CD case to the tune of these 5 series. Watch them when there’s 3 feet of snow outside and you’ll forget that it ever got cold at all. Well, except maybe with this first one.

seriously, it's coming

1.) Game of Thrones

Ok so technically, you’re gonna have to wait until April 10th to watch the new season of this show, and by then you probably won’t mind the advancing 7-year mega-winter, complete with an unstoppable horde of supernatural undead. Yes, you read that right, there are magic zombies. For the nerds – i.e. me – this show is an obvious choice. Swords, check. Magic, check. Dragons, check. But for the non-nerds out there who’ve been hesitant, let me assure you that as an HBO show there’s also plenty of story, incredible acting, and…ahem…romance? Ok, I’ll be real – if nudity and violence aren’t your thing, you’ll cringe at certain aspects of Game of Thrones. Most notably the nudity and violence. Then again, it is HBO, so you know what you’re getting yourself into.

Hilarious SNL parodies aside, you should ask your rich uncle Frank for his HBO login info and give Game of Thrones a whirl. I don’t hesitate to call it the very best show on TV.

whoa nelly

2.) Battlestar Galactica

Good lord, have mercy. Now there’s a woman who’ll pull an Ol’ Yeller on you if you’re in need. Kara Thrace (callsign “Starbuck”) is one of the central characters in the 2004 re-imagination of Battlestar Galactica, a sci-fi staple that puts the last of humanity on a Noah’s Ark of sorts. Oh, and they’re fleeing from an unstoppable flood of robots hellbent on their destruction.

I missed this when it was on TV, probably because I was in high school and had no idea it existed (*cough* SciFi channel *cough*). FRAK! It’s probably for the best though, because if you give this show 3 episodes, it will take a month of your life. And not the “I’ll just watch one episode before I fall asleep until it’s over” kind of month. We’re talking the “There are how many seasons of Lost?” kind of month. And the “Omg, did I just watch ALL of Buffy?” kind of month.

We’re talking that month everyone thought you were dead.

So if you plan on watching this Cylon epic on Netflix, watch it with friends. That way, you’ll still have friends when you’re done.

bad ass

3.) Breaking Bad

What more can be said about Walter White? He holds the WWE belt for “Ultimate Badass,” if there is such a thing. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard about the teacher-turned-cancer-patient-turned-meth-dealer-turned-murderer. Oh, that’s not a spoiler; That’s the first episode, folks.

Breaking Bad is, simply put, every bit as good as it’s cracked up to be. This uniquely queasy and utterly dark AMC masterpiece has taken the world by storm. It’s hard for me to believe anyone missed the boat on this, but if you did, well, it’s parked at the Netflix boat-lot with a key in the ignition. And consider yourself blessed: There are people out there trying to invent those Men in Black memory erasers just so they can watch this show again (and maybe the Matrix). Of course, you could just watch it again and imagine the whole thing as a prequel to Malcom in the Middle.

jimmy with a y

4.) The Wire

Let’s be honest: I’m not really picking any surprises here. The Wire has been referred to as the best televison show of the last 20 years, and I would go even further and say it might be the best show ever. It’s definitely my favorite, that’s for certain. To me it comes down to Jimmy Mcnulty, the main character. Look at the guy. He’s all “Yeah, I’m three dimensional. Yeah, I’m not the perfect dad, but I am the perfect centerpiece to the perfect show. So…yeah.” Yeah.

With this one though, You’ve gotta be patient. At least a few episodes. It’s a cop show, but it’s not as wham-bam as the Law & Order/CSI BS-wagon “copper-dramas” that have oversaturated nighttime TV. And it’s HBO, so you have to learn the characters. But it’s worth it. IT’S WORTH IT DAMNIT. Ok, ok. Last one.

the bard

5.) Star Trek: The Next Generation

One word: Picard.

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2 Responses to Winter Is Coming…So Stay Inside And Watch These 5 TV Shows.

  1. Bob says:

    One word: Picard…… Word Datl, Word….

  2. aleks says:

    Hell yeah STNG is da BOMB

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