CMJ, Foreign Fields, and Adam.

sup sup sup. i’m terrible at doing this consistently. probably because i’m so busy working on writing some science fiction madness. where were we?

oh yeah, tour. we were headed out to CMJ in new york, to play the great ryan spaulding‘s outlaw roadshow showcase. little did we know that by the end of the weekend, we would sign on stage with this guy. MEET SOMEONE AWESOME:


this is adam. he is awesome. he plays in a band called counting crows, and is responsible for some of the best songs out there. and it just so happens, he also champions independent bands (along with ryan of rslblog) in a way that almost no one else does: selflessly. the foreign fields guys went on tour with the crows this past summer and were in NYC for the festival.


now that i’m back here in nashville, i’m really understanding just how amazing our whole experience was. adam was kind enough to put us up at his place, along with the fields and boston rock band mean creek (more on them later), and his generosity and kindness really made an impression on both me and daniel. the mean creek folks were class acts as well, pleasant and meek until they stepped on stage and rightly melted face.


their new record is on spotify, and deserves a listen. if you get the chance though, see them live. they are one of the best rock bands i have ever seen live. amazing energy.

we played our set at the bowery electric, and were lucky enough to get invited by ryan to play sxsw in the spring as well, an invitation which we will delightfully accept.


but now we’re back. and after a short string of wisconsin dates (which you can learn about on our tour page), we will be staying here in nashville for the duration of the winter. writing, recording, hatching plans. still, i’m very glad to have new friends, and great memories of NYC. thanks Ryan, Adam, Mean Creek, and Foreign Fields, and everyone who put us up on the way out there!


i’ll end with a video of Donovan Woods playing a newer song on the porch down here in nashville. dude’s been coming down to write country songs and the like, but i’ll always be partial to his folk stuff. stay tuned for more news, and thanks for coming out to our shows on this last tour. it means a lot. <3

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One Response to CMJ, Foreign Fields, and Adam.

  1. Colin says:

    Love the D. Woods song. I like that you guys and DW prop each other up with shout outs. Keep playing guys. You’re doing some great work.

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