the secret to daniel and the lion.

oh man, i’m just giving them away lately. you’d think i’d keep some of our secrets, you know…secret. but i’m feeling generous. so here’s a good one. the secret to daniel and the lion:


it’s the daniel. you know, the guy who plays piano and doesn’t talk. and right now he’s driving the van and it hasn’t rolled once. so let me tell you just five reasons why this man is the secret to daniel and the lion.

1.) he taught me everything i know about music. before daniel came along i was writing songs like “Ocean Bound” and “Galt.” do you know how bad those songs were? you hopefully don’t – i don’t play them.

i dropped out of my first music course of my life. it was in college and i pretended like it was because i didn’t like the way it was taught, but the truth is that i just didn’t get it. and it wasn’t until daniel came along that i even knew how the songs i wrote were constructed. but daniel has the unique ability to communicate very advanced levels of musical theory with people who don’t even know what a “key” is, and he never sounds condescending. and he used that skill to help me hone my songs into what they are today.

2.) he is a mechanic. no joke, the van has broken at least 10 times, and it seems he always knows the inexpensive method to fix it. we’ve saved thousands of dollars this way. it all stems from an innate interest in cars that dates back to his childhood when he used to build models. guess that hobby paid off, dad.

3.) he always drives. i am 25, and i don’t have my license. i should be ashamed, but it’s never made sense to get one, because i have to spend hours on my computer each day in the passenger seat, and daniel is just really, really good at driving. and he loves it. LOVES IT. and if daniel didn’t drive to every show, every time, i wouldn’t have the energy or time to book them. pretty perfect setup we have here, eh?

4.) daniel is always early. you have no idea how important this is until you realize that almost every band is late to their gigs. but when daniel worked for the university, it was his job to get there hours early and set everything up – percussion instruments, chairs, music stands – for the whole orchestra.

when you’re the band that’s always on time, you win points with the venue, and with your fans. daniel is a professional, through and through, and because of that, we have never been late to a show.

5.) daniel trusts me. i think this is, for me, the biggest thing.

see, i’m kind of a nut case. i have big ideas, probably too big a lot of the time. and as an artist, i need to execute most of those ideas quickly, and without a snag.

there have been plenty of times where we were hurting for money, and i felt we needed to make a decision that left money on the table, and quite directly made our lives a bit worse in the short run, for the eventual gain of artistic freedom, or even just integrity. and he trusted me. we’re in this 50/50, and we need to make the risky decisions sometimes, the ones that are untested, in order to succeed.

a lot of times this means giving things away for free that we slaved over, or driving to the middle of nowhere for a first time show. trust is the most important thing in a relationship. there is no substitute.

so there’s five reasons daniel is the secret to daniel and the lion. hope they gave you some insight into the mystery marimbist. and the next time we play a show, chat him up. cause he talks, just not on the mic. <3

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5 Responses to the secret to daniel and the lion.

  1. Jake Gau says:

    This was really cool, thanks for sharing guys. I met you guys when you played a show at Aux 1 at the Republic in MN, hope you stop back there sometime soon. I’d like to see or hear something about the show at Malarkey’s, my hometown pub.

  2. Devin says:

    I like Ocean Bound :(

  3. Karissa says:

    Yay, Daniel! <3 :D

  4. Angie says:

    I spoke to Daniel at your show at Ledgestone, he’s a really nice guy! …..and great live music!

  5. Zach says:

    Speaking of old songs, “Sister.” Fantastic.
    I think Daniel, overall, is just infinitely wise.
    I liken a conversation with him to dropping a line in 30 feet for a nice walleye, but then when you feel the tug on the line, all of a sudden, a friggin forty pound muskie is attached to the lure. And then sometimes, you realize you’re fishing with your little Snoopy pole and Daniel turns out to be a king salmon. Well, just goes to show ya, eh? Bad A-Word.

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