Fall Tour, “East” EP

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woah, hey…where’d the summer go? thank you all for making the Counting Crows tour incredible. can’t beat that. except with a follow up:


the fall tour is exciting to me for three major reasons, which i will quickly list.

 1.) we get a longer set. all summer we played 20 minutes. this fall we’ll be headlining, and playing 45-60 minute sets.

 2.) we’re playing 2 different sets. we’ll be preparing 2 entirely different sets, and flip-flopping them as we tour across the country. in the image above, you can see which shows have which sets.

 3.) we’re playing fan favorites. sick of requesting “hand in hand” time and time again? we’re playing it. “baraboo?” we’re playing it. “down in the dark?” we’re playing it. in fact, on each set, we’ll play at least one song from every one of our EP/LP releases. that’s a lot of music.

EAST_square (1)

Oh yeah, we have new music! TODAY we are releasing our newest EP, “East.” it’s available here and here. we recorded it in one day, all at once in a big room. it was right after our show at The Greek in LA, while we were still greased up, and it was a riot. I wrote these songs when we lived in east Nashville, though I don’t know if that changes anything.


to celebrate the new music, we uploaded ALL of our back-catalog to bandcamp for just this weekend. get it here. you’ll find, it’s a lot of music. even a christmas album in there.


MORE MUSIC: Our keyboardist/vocalist Michaela Thomas just released her debut album “Scandinavia” yesterday. it’s very good. you can get it here. her backing band was basically all the members of daniel and the lion, but playing weirder instruments. It will change you.


finally, we have put up a bunch of new/old/limited edition stuff in our online store for now. this includes the new EP, our limited run fall tour poster (pictured above), and of course – the last of our zines, Bonus Spells: Issue 0. buy anything and everything you want – we’ll ship it all out before we hit the road.

I can’t wait to see you all on the road. Lets have a suds.